Hohner 37 Key Performer Melodica Discount !!

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Features :
  • 37 Piano keys from F3 to F6
  • Sensitive reed response, smooth keyboard action, and a greater playing range create melodic options for today’s player
  • Includes Mouthpiece, flexible blowing tube, and deluxe carrying case
  • Soprano and Alto range

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buy Hohner 37 Key Performer Melodica

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Hohner 37 Key Performer Melodica

Their testimonials about Hohner 37 Key Performer Melodica :

Easy to play, great harmonica like sound.
I just received two of these today. I played a little tune on one, then I proceeded to check the tuning on them (since some people complained about the tuning on other brands of melodicas). It was fairly in tune…it seemed more tuned to 442Hz, rather than the 440 that most modern music uses, but, if you play it in 440, it is just a little sharp, at the most +15. One of them was pretty consistent within its own tuning, all the keys were about +15. The other melodica I got had more variation, with some notes right in tune at 440Hz, and other notes up to +15. But, if you are not super sensitive to slight variations in pitch, than you will easily look over these subtle differences.
As far as playing, it is literally like plug and play. You just put it to your mouth, blow, and push the keys. As soon as I took it out of the box, I was already playing stuff. Comes with a padded case, curved mouth piece, and a tube to play flat on a table. The tube doesn’t take any extra effort than…

Tremendously Versatile and Portable
I’ve found this to be a very useful tool for composition or arranging, as it has all the polyphonic capability of a piano in a 24″x4″x2″ package. Also, it’s held me in good stead for unexpected jam sessions- carrying it around is so easy that I can now take an instrument around anytime I go out. This also claims the title for least expensive actual musical instrument I have ever seen- it has good intonation (even after I’ve taken it to some extreme dynamics), even response (when I remember to use the water key to clear out the moisture), and a great deal of expressive ability. I would recommend this to any musician with either experience with keyboards or any inclination to learn them.

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